contemporary new zealand dining

the lanky chef’s ‘mise en place’

the convenience of a professional Chef's preparations in your pantry

the what 

  • seasonal fruits & vegetables preserved and classically prepared by hand by a professional chef to add interest & complexity to your table
  • the product range is broken down into sub headings of: antipasto, accompaniments, condiments, sauces, spreads, poached fruits with suggested uses alongside each product
  • NO additives or preservatives
  • proven complementary uses at TopSail, one of New Zealand’s top restaurant  


the why

  • the convenience of a professional chef's preparations in your pantry
  • for your next dinner party let the lanky chef help you add colour, flavour, complexity and interest to WOW your guests
  • fabulous on the side of anything
  • a great gift (when ordering ask us about combinations & gift wrapping)


the how

  • kitchen door sales at TopSail Wednesday to Saturday from 3pm

  • full range on site and chat with the lanky chef