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An ecofriendly happier alternative to ‘single use’ plastic wrap & plastic bags

Suitable for Freezer, Fridge & Pantry

Using the warmth of your hands wrap or cover the item and squeeze gently together   holding for a few seconds to seal the edges

Hygienically wrapped in 100% biodegradable cellophane

Made with love in Northland New Zealand


We have a selection of these wraps (about 12)  in our larder at home and no longer use plastic wrap or plastic bags. It feels great! Chef is working on reducing his single use plastic wrap and finds the Jumbo size great for wrapping his bread!

Each wrap comes with care instructions & suggested uses as shown below and is hygenically cellophane wrapped (btw did you know cellophane is biodegradable?!)

Sizes & Prices

Jumbo 50 x 50cm


Grande 40 x 40cm


Midi 25 x 25cm


Mini 20cm round


Teeny 15cm round


Larder Pack - 5 wraps includes one each of the above


Kiddies Lunch Pack - x1 Midi x2 Mini Square (fabric choice - trucks, sparkle or sealife)


'Change Your World' Pack - x5 Mini Square (fabric choice - we have a different fabric collection for this pack so let's call it 'pot luck'  - all yummy!)


How to order:

Place an order by simply emailing us - click here contact us

Tell us what sizes you require in which fabric choices. We will email you an invoice,

confirm the order and once payment is received we will despatch pronto!

We 'bake' wraps weekly on Mondays & Tuesdays & despatch on Wednesdays.

$29 minimum order, P&H cost to be advised on invoice.

Share the postage cost, ask your friends, bank some future gifts,


Happy shopping!

Debbie & Ian

Beeswax Food Wraps Aficionados

PS: If you are in Northland come and visit our full range of Happy Wraps Beeswax Food Wraps at our restaurant TopSail located at 206 Beach Road, Onerahi, Whangarei 

The Nuts & Bolts of Happy Wraps Beeswax Food Wraps...

Handmade using

* 100% cotton (pre-washed) * ·  NZ Beeswax, Organic Jojoba Oil & Damar Resin      *  Ingredients are a natural preservative & offer antibacterial properties * hand cut (approx. size given as slight variations in sizes)


* don’t use with anything hot! wax melts of course! * wash using cool water by wiping gently with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Even better wipe with a microfibre cloth * air dry * be careful with foods with strong colours as they can stain the wrap eg beetroot, pomegranate * refresh your wraps from time to time by placing in an oven 100C for a few minutes on parchment paper. Air dry which takes 30 seconds * first time users might notice a little sticky residue on hands. This is normal, just rub it in! *  not for raw meat & acidic foods (lemons). We wrap these items in wax paper or place in a bowl & then cover * if used regularly and treated with care your happy wrap should last at least 6 months

Sizes & Uses

Jumbo 50 x 50cm ish –a large salad bowl or platter, a loaf of bread or bunch of celery, cabbage, fold to make a pocket to store washed lettuce, rocket, watercress, grapes etc

Grande 40 x 40cm ish sandwiches, large size bowls, dinner plates

Midi 25 x 25cm ish cheese, cut fruit & veggies, covering a medium size bowl

Mini 20cm ish diameter round small bowls, half an avocado, cucumber etc

Teeny 15cm ish diameter round – perfect for jar covers and tiny things

Standard Stock ...